A cigányság történetének atlasza/térképezett roma történelem (Historical Atlas of the Gypsies: Romani history in maps)

I was still working on the Transylvania history atlas when it crossed my mind that despite the unique nature of Gypsy history and the vicissitudes of this, unlike other European ethnic groups no historical atlas was made to allow those interested to follow their history in maps. Thus with the Transylvania atlas published and the related tasks over, I embarked on its making in 2012. The work with some interruption was over by 2016. A more modest undertaking than the Transylvania atlas had been, I spent three years with the creation of its 52 maps and writing the accompanying texts. This atlas being a world history atlas from a Gypsy standpoint I prepared it in English. It was due to the unforeseen interest in Hungary only that I translated it to Hungarian, leading to publication again by Méry Ratio in 2018 in 124 pages


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B33 - Breaking away

B34 - Onto the wider Balkans

B35 - A pilgrimage 1

B36 - Blighted at the North Sea

B37 - Gap no more

B38 - Identity concluded

B39 - Overview

B40 - Spreading joy